Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Olympic Knitting Finish Line!

To be honest – when I started knitting this skirt last August, I was watching the Summer Olympics and admittedly wondered if I would have the stick-to-itiveness to see this project to completion once all was said and done in London.  Drum roll please………Ta Da!  You don’t have to believe me but in fact, I finished this skirt two months ago!
Yowza one tall order!
As a designer, I am drawn to texture, color, and working with a variety of textiles.  Changing things up inspires creativity and teaches me new techniques that translate well into my design and manufacturing work at Jilly Bean.  I am use to shopping fabrics, trims and drafting patterns so it was nice to work with a pattern designed by Kat Coyle and leave the designing to her.   Kats pattern was also easy to custom fit to me and only me but guess what?!  If you have trouble with any knitting or crocheting project from start to finish or just need support, inspiration, a shoulder to cry on, or a great community of yarn lovers to hook up with (ha, ha), look no further than Ravelry.  You can join for free and have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips as well as a great resource to organize and shop for your next project….and the next one….and the next one after that!

Merry Christmas everyone and thank you for supporting this independent, made in the USA, one-of-a-kind company for one-of-a-kind girls.  May you be inspired to be inspiring in the New Year~


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