Friday, April 26, 2013

What's to do in NYC?

Every once in a while a girl needs to get away, soak up some new scenery and jump start her creative juices.   Lucky for me that once or twice a year I visit one of my favorite places on earth - New York City – with one of my favorite people on earth– my sister.

I never seem to lose touch with the excitement at not hearing an alarm clock in the morning and drinking coffee and juice while staring out our hotel window….ok and eating Cracker Jack’s for breakfast.  I have to admit the "surprise" inside was a little disappointing.  What ever happened to the plastic ring? 
While shopping, eating and people watching are my personal faves, this trip I really wasn’t focused on textile shopping for Jilly Bean.  I did manage to drop a bundle in M & J Trimming on buttons and ribbon so be on the lookout for some pretty cool trims at Jilly Bean in the coming months.
I don’t know how I’ve missed Eleni’s at Chelsea Market but I can honestly say they’ve got something for everyone.  Every cookie and cake is almost too pretty to eat but I took one or two for the team and I can tell you they are securely on my NYC radar from this trip forward. 
Of course there are plenty of jumpsuits I would never buy and plenty of prints I don’t really consider all that inspirational but I have to admit laughing is therapeutic; it can be infectious and that just could be inspiring.  Note the security tag just in case some animal walks in looking to take their jumpsuit skin back!