Monday, June 25, 2012

A Two Legged Turtle, The Potato Giraffe And Other Great Works of Art

My favorite art, and the art my children remember the most, is their kindergarten work.  Jack is my youngest and the last kindergarten storyteller through art that I will likely have.

There has been no greater thrill than hearing the story of the two legged turtle or taking a virtual tour with him to the zoo through his art.  Who would have thought to build a potato giraffe and who would have thought to photograph it except me?  Who would have worn a hat made of pink painted newspaper on “Muffins for Mom’s Day” and who still doesn’t have the heart to retire it to a box or the garbage can?  Who also couldn’t be more thankful that it didn’t rain that day and she wasn’t wearing newspaper ink and pink paint on her face and blouse?

I don’t treasure many “things” quite the way I treasure my children’s art work except maybe photographs of them.  I would like to think that Jack has had some wonderful exposure to art through trips to the zoo we have taken or our nature walks and of course traveling the world together through books.  I’d even like to think that playing underfoot in my Jilly Bean studio ignites his creativity occasionally.  The reality is that I am inspired by his enthusiasm to create and another reality is that coloring is indeed contagious!

So as we settle into summer together it might be wise for me to stock up on a few new art supplies and maybe hide a pair of scissors and a roll of tape for us big people who will never seem be able to find them in the weeks ahead.  Perhaps I will also buy a few new frames, and even a plastic container or two to save more great works once the exhibit moves on from the walls of our Louvre – the refrigerator.                

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